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TZIPAC Competitions

Searching for creativity, passion and skill.

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Results Now Available!!!

| View the 2nd Zebra Awards Winners Gallery and the 2013 GoPix Awards Winners Gallery

43mm Magazine Issue 1
Introducing our online magazine "43mm".

| Find out more from the 43mm Magazine website or read Issue 1 here.

  • Our Aim

    To celebrate beautiful photography and artworks from around the world and to recognize and introduce amazing artists from all walks of life. In the near future, our goal is to evolve TZIPAC into a full internet-based community whereby we can showcase artists and their works, as well as to encourage interaction and sharing of ideas among artists to further help the development and expansion of photography as an art form.
  • What we offer?

    TZIPAC organises juried competitions, both annuals and one-offs, that target various themes and skills. The competitions are designed to be affordable in order to encourage undiscovered artists to participate and exhibit their artworks to the forefront of the photographic world. At the same time, we will only accept high-quality artworks that demonstrates creative flare and passion for all things photography.
  • 43mm Magazine

    Read about the latest news and discover new artists and artworks in our online magazine: 43mm. Conjectured to be the focal length that most resembles what the human eyes can see, therefore "43mm" perfectly resonates with our aspiration to create a magazine that salutes the unique visions and stories seen and retold through the eyes of the many ingenuous artists we hope to find and share with you.

Latest News

  • Introducing E-Badges with Easy-share Embed codes

    TZIPAC E-Badges will be available following the results announcements for The 2012 Eros and Zebra Awards in upcoming days. To commemorate, we have written a brief tutorial on where you can access E-Badges and how to share them easily with our embed codes. Read the tutorial here.
  • 2nd Zebra + 2013 GoPix Awards Winners Galleries Now Available

    Congratulation to Daniel FOJT for being The 2nd Zebra Awards Grand Winner. Check out the 2nd Zebra Awards Winners Gallery. Congratulation to Aylin ARGUN for being The 2013 GoPix Awards Grand Winner. Check out the 2013 GoPix Awards Winners Gallery.