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Open Competitions

  • 5th Zebra Awards

    Celebrate the very best in black and white as well as monochrome. From only $1...

    Welcome to our annual Zebra Awards - we are seeking our very own TZIPAC Black and White Photographer of the Year.
    Black and white photography is as simple as it is complex, carefully weaving streaks of  light into the black-unknown, giving rise to lines, shapes, textures, emotions and stories. TZIPAC is proud to celebrate this magic of black and white photography with the Zebra Awards. With great prizes up for grabs (please see below), we hope the Zebra Awards will bring to light the marvellously diverse and vibrant visions of black and white photography from many amazing artists worldwide.

    "Dodging and burning are steps to take care of mistakes God made in establishing tonal relationships." Ansel Adams

    TZIPAC is excited to have the support of Concepter who will be sponsoring this installment of the Zebra Awards with some fantastic additional prizes for our grand winners and category winners. This exciting startup has emerged from Kickstarter and now sells its iblazr flash series in stores worldwide including the Apple Store, Best Buy, Walmart, B&H, and Amazon. Check out the cool features of the iblazr2 up-for-grabs in our prize section below.

  • Current Prize US$500

    2016 Wedding Photography Awards

    Seeking the best in classic, contemporary and creative wedding photography...

    Weddings are joyous occasions and it is always a privilege to capture beautiful memories for the loving couple. With so many beautiful moments and emotions, intricate and personalised details, not to mention breath-taking landscape backdrop, wedding photography presents endless opportunites to push the boundary of creativity. TZIPAC's 2016 International Wedding Photography Awards aims to celerate this creativity, and exploration of new and bold imagery from weddings, as well as stunning and timeless classic and photo-journalistic wedding photography.